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Almost everyone needs the advice of an attorney at some point in their lives for various matters. These legal matters are not always adversarial, such as creating a Will; however, individuals are frequently and unexpectedly confronted with legal problems where competent representation is needed by a professional who has the knowledge, experience and ability to fight and to protect the rights of the individual in an adversarial setting.

Burts Turner & Rhodes is an established general practice law firm. The firm practices in almost all areas of law, which enables it to meet the various needs of its clients. As one of the longest established general practice law firms in Spartanburg, which began in 1955, the firm has provided competent legal representation and successful results to thousands of residents in the Upstate.

While providing thorough and competent representation to its clients is the primary focus of the firm, the firm is proud to be involved in numerous civic and community organizations that provide other benefits and services to residents of the Upstate. The firm’s attorneys are known for their competence in representing clients both inside and outside of the courtroom, and also for their active community involvement.

In addition to establishing its reputation in the community through competent representation of its clients, the firm has also gained additional recognition throughout the State as a result of cases that the firm has taken to the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, which has resulted in the creation of some landmark cases and significant legal precedent.

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Our History

The firm was founded in 1955 when the late Chief Justice C. Bruce Littlejohn suggested that Sam N. Burts and Noel Turner form a partnership. At that time, Justice Littlejohn was a Circuit Court judge in Spartanburg County. It was not until 1967 that Justice Littlejohn was appointed as a Justice on the South Carolina Supreme Court.

The partnership of Sam Burts and Noel Turner expanded and added attorneys to handle the increasing diversity in the legal practice. Justice Littlejohn remained close friends with Sam Burts and Noel Turner. After finishing law school in 1974, Richard H. Rhodes had the honor and privilege of working as a law clerk for Justice Littlejohn. Upon completion of his clerkship, and at the suggestion of Justice Littlejohn, Richard Rhodes joined the law firm in 1975. These three attorneys formed the core of what is now known as the law firm of Burts Turner & Rhodes.

The philosophies, work-product, instruction, and tradition that existed when the firm began in 1955 are still ingrained in the law firm as it exists today.

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