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Automobile Collision

Automobile Collision

The majority of car accidents present a great deal of frustration. In addition to the disruption caused by needing a car repaired or replaced, an injured party has to gather medical records and bills from multiple doctor offices. Health providers make demands for payment, and health insurance companies refuse coverage. The insurance adjuster makes demands for documentation and requests for authority to gain access personal protected health information. Instead of spending needed time to recover from injuries, the injured person is presented with stress and frustration.
Car accidents can cause physical injuries ranging from soft tissue [whiplash type injuries] to injuries such as: head or brain injuries; neck, back, and spine injuries; broken bones; internal injuries from trauma; trauma leading to mental disabilities; and even death. Problems arise when an injured person requires medical care, as insurance companies are quick to deny coverage.  Attorneys can help their injured clients to navigate these hurtles so that they can obtain needed medical treatment.

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In addition to physical injuries and medical expenses, those injured in car accidents [along with family members] suffer other challenges. An injured person may be rendered unable to work, even if it just temporary; long-term rehabilitative measures may be necessary to return an injured person to the condition that (s)he had before the collision; and the injured person may be rendered unable to participate in activities that were enjoyed prior to the car collision.
Our firm represents those who have been injured in auto accidents. Because of the complex process, it often takes the efforts of an attorney to force the at-fault drivers and liability insurance carriers to fairly compensate those injured in auto accidents. We have been representing clients in the upstate for decades. Our experience and strategies have proven beneficial for many clients.
If you have been injured in a car accident in upstate South Carolina [Spartanburg, Cherokee, Greenville, Union], contact us and allow us to help you receive the care that you need and the compensation to which you are entitled.

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