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When people think about “contracts,” they typically think of a formal document signed by two or more persons to memorialize an agreement. In practice, the substantial majority of contracts are not in writing, but this does not necessarily make them unenforceable. People enter into contracts and encounter contracts all the time, often without even knowing it.  It isn’t until a dispute arises that the terms of these contracts are clearly set out, and the parties to the contract realize that there is a problem.

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The simplest [and sometimes the best] advice that any lawyer can give to a person with respect to contracts is to let the lawyer see it before it is signed. Once a contract has been made, there may not be any defense to it.

Contract law is very technical, and when you are faced with concerns about a contract, you need to speak with an attorney who is knowledgeable in this area of law. We handle numerous contract disputes, some of which are very complex. We also draft contracts for individuals, as well as for companies.

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