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Wrongful Death Actions

Wrongful Death Actions

The loss of a loved one from a tragic event, such as from a car accident, a work-related injury, or an injury sustained on property owned by another, is absolutely devastating.  Loved ones are faced with grief, sadness, confusion, anger, and bewilderment. They are under deadlines to open an Estate in Probate Court. If the death was caused by the fault of another person, there are added pressures placed on loved ones. Hiring an attorney who can handle all of these matters for you can relieve you from the stress and pressures and assist the family in coping with the loss.

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If a death is caused by an act that rises to the level of being criminal, then there are procedures for the State to bring a case before the Court. If the actions of the at-fault person were non-criminal, the only remedy available is monetary compensation. While money could never be equal to the life of a loved one, monetary compensation allows loved ones and those dependent on the deceased to have the financial stability that has been taken away. Obtaining financial compensation helps to ease economic fears and helps the family to feel some comfort in knowing the at-fault party has had to pay.

A wrongful death case is often a quite complex matter.  An attorney handling this type of case needs to also be able to handle the administration of the Estate in Probate Court. After decades of representing residents of the Upstate [Spartanburg, Greenville, Cherokee, Union], our firm has acquired the necessary experience and skills to properly handle these cases. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients in wrongful death claims.  Through these cases, we have been able to give our clients hope, a feeling of justice, financial stability, and peace.
Competent attorneys are almost always needed in wrongful death cases.  Aside from the fact that cases will have to be filed in Probate Court, as well as the Court of Common Pleas, the cases themselves are complicated. There are certain family members who will be entitled to direct compensation for their loss of a loved one. The deceased will most likely have a claim as well. Because of this, recovered funds must be properly allocated to determine what will pass through a deceased’s Estate in Probate Court.
If you have a loved one who was killed by the fault of another, regardless of the cause, allow us to assist you. We know what is needed to handle these cases, and we have the experience and skills necessary to obtain compensation to which you are entitled and allow you to begin bringing about closure.

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