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Family Law (Divorce & Custody)

Family Law (Divorce & Custody)

Not all attorneys represent clients in Family Court. When you are faced with situations involving family matters, you need the advice of an attorney who has experience with these issues.  Some of these situations include:

• Child custody    • Separation & Divorce    • Alimony and spousal support
• Child support • Visitation rights  • Division of property and assets
• Paternity • Orders of Protection • Name changes
• Visitation Rights

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When marriages come to an end, the stresses and emotions are painful and devastating. Those faced with this situation have many worries and questions, to include:
• Finances • Living space • The division of land and personal property
• Effects on retirement • Custody and visitation of children  • The division of debts

Ending a marriage is difficult.  There are hard decisions that must be made, and you need the guidance of an experienced family law attorney who can help you make decisions.  You also need someone who can listen to you and serve as your advocate.
It is always best to attempt a peaceful resolution, but because of the emotions and tensions associated with Family Court cases, this is oftentimes not possible. In these situations, we are ready to take your case to trial and allow a judge to decide what is fair and reasonable.
Our firm has been handling family court matters for decades. We represent clients through the trial court stage, and we have appealed many Family Court decisions to the Court of Appeals and the South Carolina Supreme Court. We have also been responsible for appealing cases that have resulted in changes to our laws.

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