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Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Premises liability claims arise when a person is injured on property owned by another person.  In South Carolina, if a person owns land, there is a duty of care that extends to people who may be guests on the land.  There are a number of technical distinctions that control the law to be applied.  Generally speaking, a person is either an Invitee, a Licensee, or a Trespasser.  The duty of care owed by a landowner is governed by the type of guest on his/her property.  The standard of law to be applied also depends on whether the property is commercial or residential. Some examples of premises liability claims include:

(A) Injuries at a store or a restaurant caused by a risk that should have been known by the business owner;
(B) Injuries sustained by a tenant in a residence owned by a landlord who has failed to keep the residence or land properly maintained; or
(C) Injuries sustained by a guest at a landowner’s home or other location where the landowner has failed to properly maintain his property.

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If you have been injured on property owned by another person, and this injury was the result of negligence by the landowner, you can recover for your damages.  Liability insurance carriers will be quick to deny liability, or they may offer something nominal so that their file can be permanently closed.  We can help you to know your rights, and we will fight with the insurance companies so that you are compensated for losses sustained.

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